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Santas Favourite Festive Cocktails

Christmas is in sight, so let’s get into the festive spirit and enjoy some of the merriest cocktail creations around! We’ve put together the very best from our collection, delicious enough to be enjoyed by Santa himself.

Go on, treat yours-ELF!


Blackberry Fizz

You’ll Need:

50ml Didsbury Gin British Bramble

15ml lemon juice

10ml sugar syrup

Soda water (to top up) 

Garnish: Blackberries



To a mixing glass filled with ice, add Didsbury Gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup.

Stir to combine.

Strain into a glass and top with soda.

Garnish with blackberries and enjoy!


Hot Toddy

 You’ll Need:

50ml Didsbury Gin Original

100ml boiling water

25ml lemon juice

15ml honey

Garnish: lemon slice and cinnamon stick



Boil your water.

In a heatproof glass or mug, combine Didsbury Gin, honey and lemon juice.

Pour over boiing water and stir.

If you want it a bit sweeter, add in some sugar here.

Garnish with a slice of lemon and a cinnamon stick.



Mulled Christmas gin

  You’ll Need:

50ml Didsbury Gin Original

150ml apple juice

50-100ml freshly squeezed orange juice, to taste

1 tsp cranberry jelly 

Cinnamon stick

Orange slices and/or fresh cranberries, to garnish



Add the juices and jelly to a pan, then heat gently for a few minutes, until the jelly has dissolved.

Remove from the heat, strain into a glass, then top up with Didsbury Gin.

Garnish with a slice of orange and/or a few fresh cranberries; you can also pop a fresh star anise or cinnamon stick in, for added flavour.


Make sure you share your delicious cocktails with us at @Didsbury_Gin on Instagram and @DidsburyGin on Twitter. Happy festive drinking!