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April fools: Didsbury Gin aims for chart success with team behind AITCH and MIST

They’ve created gin to make your tastebuds sing, so it’s only natural that our two talented directors Liam and Mark have now found their place in the music industry. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of Mancunian music royalty, their first ever release is due later this year.

The pair have signed with Manchester based music publishing and talent management house NQ, the team behind Aitch and a host of other talent. 

The duo has been re-working classic duets and are expected to release their first single ‘We Two Can Have a Party’ this summer.


Liam Manton said:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be partnering with NQ. Adex and the team share our vision of pushing the boundaries of musical genres in as many directions and I can’t wait to take these songs from the shower to the stage.”


Mark Smallwood added:

“Me and Liam often sing songs on the terraces at Old Trafford so this feels like a natural progression. There are so many classic duets on this album, we’re covering everyone from Marvin & Tammy, Kendrick & Mary, Elton & Kiki to PJ & Duncan, it’s going be a great summer. “


Michael Adex from NQ said:

“The whole team at NQ is excited to partner with Liam and Mark to make their foray in to music. This project could lead to more people within different fields experimenting with music.”


Now, not only will Didsbury Gin provide the drinks of your summer, but the sounds of it too! Keep your eyes out across our socials – @didsbury_gin on Instagram and @didsburygin on Twitter - for more information on the upcoming release.

Oh and by the way... Happy April Fool's Day!


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