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Perfect Gin and Food Pairings!

We spend a lot of time talking about gin but not nearly enough time discussing the perfect foods to eat alongside those cocktails. So let’s chat about that today as we delve into our favourite cocktail and food pairings.

The Classic G&T

 You’ll Need:

50ml Didsbury Gin Original

120ml your favourite tonic water

Garnish: pink grapefruit


Add Didsbury Gin Original to a chilled balloon glass filled with ice.

Pour over your favourite tonic to taste.

Garnish with a wedge of pink grapefruit.

Tip: Not a tonic fan? Try soda instead with a splash of fresh lime.

The food pairing:

A Charcuterie Board

 The herbal and zesty flavour of our classic G&T pairs excellently with a delicious charcuterie board. The herbs infused into the rich and fatty cured meats reflect and complement the delicate blend of 11 botanicals in Didsbury Gin Original and make for a brilliant combination for snacking and drinking.

Next time you’re about to buy a bottle of Didsbury Gin Original, why not check out the local deli for this wonderfully tasty addition!


Raspberry Collins

 You’ll Need:

50ml Didsbury Gin Raspberry & Elderflower

25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

25ml soda water

10ml simple syrup

2 raspberries


In a tall glass, muddle raspberries and simple syrup.

Add Didsbury Gin and lemon juice, then stir.

Fill with ice and top with club soda.

Garnish with more fresh raspberries.

The food pairing:

Game meat or a cheeseboard


Gamey foods are often paired with berries. This is because those tart and sweet notes do a great job of cutting through the richness and saltiness. So if you’re enjoying roast duck or a chicken liver parfait, consider pairing it with a delicious Raspberry Collins!

Another great pairing we love is a varied cheeseboard. The savoury taste of a range of cheeses desperately needs something refreshingly fruity to accompany it, so this Collins recipe works a charm.

French 75

 You’ll Need:

50ml Didsbury Gin Strawberry & Sicilian Lemon

75ml champagne (prosecco is good too!)

15ml lemon juice

5ml sugar syrup

Garnish: Lemon peel twist


In the base of a shaker, stir sugar syrup with lemon juice.

Add gin, then shake with ice to chill.

Strain into a flute glass, then top with champagne and stir lightly.

Garnish with a thin lemon peel twist on the rim.

The food pairing:

 Seafood (Especially shellfish)

The French 75 offers a delicious, citrusy taste not only from the botanicals used in our base liquid, but also the added lemon juice. This works fabulously well with seafood. Champagne is already a perfect accompaniment to oysters, crab and prawns, so the added citrus boost on top of that makes it a next-level pairing.


Of course, we know Didsbury Gin pairs beautifully with any food, but make sure you give these cocktails a try if you’re eating any of these foods – or even plan your next dinner around them!

Got any better gin and food pairings? Share them with us @Didsbury_Gin on Instagram or @DidsburyGin on Twitter.

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