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(Not so) Random Acts of kindness.

2021 has arrived with a rocky start (understatement?) and it’s easy to feel powerless at the moment. But, there are ways that we can all give back to our local communities and do things to help those around us. After all, there’s power in togetherness.

Giving back doesn’t only help the receiver, it’s proven to do a lot of good for the giver. Being kind and helping others is always good for the soul. In honour of Random Acts of Kindness Day, let’s give back where we can and spread positivity to those who need it.

Check out our ideas for how to give back and support your local community.

Volunteer in your community

There are ways we can volunteer safely even during the pandemic and especially now, a lot of places are in need of an extra hand.

Keep up to date with local community volunteering opportunities by signing up to the COVID-19 community volunteering mailing list here.

Connect with your neighbours through the Nextdoor App

We’ve never been more confined to the neighbourhoods we live in, so what better time than now to connect with those around us? The Nextdoor App is a great way of coming together with those who live around you, supporting local businesses and getting local updates. 

Help the homeless in Manchester:

Lifeshare have been working for 35 years to support vulnerable people across Greater Manchester, from offering a crisis service to fighting food poverty. The pandemic has worsened a problem that was already growing on the streets of Manchester and this has to change.

If you can, give to their cause here and let’s work to end to homelessness in our wonderful city. 

Learn how to talk about mental health:

The past year has proved tremendously difficult for everyone, in a whole myriad of ways. It’s important that we take care when talking to each other about our struggles and remain sensitive, as we’re all managing differently.

Take some time to think about how we talk about mental health with these infographics, so we can look out for each other to the best of our abilities. 

Take care of your own mental health:

It’s important to not forget about looking after yourself through such a turbulent time. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and not know how to manage your emotions. MIND have compiled a great list of ways to help cope and support yourself when you’re struggling; Have a read here and don’t forget to be kind to yourself. 

Donate to your local foodbank: 

Especially now, there are so many people who cannot afford the essentials in life. If you’re in a position to, donate spare food to a local food bank.

You can find a foodbank local to you here.

Help provide support to domestic abuse victims in Manchester:

Manchester Women’s Aid do a lot of important work to ensure gender inequality is challenged and to put an end to the suffering caused by domestic violence and abuse. In a lockdown, this risk to victims may increase. 

Visit their website to explore ways you can help keep victims across Manchester safe. 

Fund community activity with Forever Manchester:

Investing in your local community can make a real difference to the lives of others. Forever Manchester works to champion local people doing extraordinary things so that our communities can thrive. 

There are a number of ways you can support, from a monthly donation to adding a simple, automatic donation onto each Amazon order you make. Check out their website to learn more and get involved!

Support local businesses:

As a small business, we’ve seen the difficulties that these unprecedented times can cause. The hospitality industry is suffering massively right now, but there are still ways you can help. 

Many restaurants are offering vouchers and hampers as well as takeaway food throughout the lockdown, so purchasing any of these is always a great help. Even a simple message of support to the teams can go a long way. Follow your favourite local spots on social media to keep an eye out for what they’re doing during lockdown, so you can stay up to date on ways to help them stick around. 

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