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Hot Cross Bun Infused Gin!

Easter is right around the corner and we’re already excited. So excited that we may have started on our chocolate collection already, but hey – that’s what this time of year is for! 

To get the celebrations going, we’ve got the perfect gin-fusion for you to enjoy: Hot Cross Bun Infused Gin. With all the classic flavours of a freshly baked hot cross bun, this infusion will take Easter sipping to the next level. 

Use our recipe this weekend so it’s got a week to infuse and it’s ready to enjoy for the Easter weekend. To make it extra special, double the amount you make and portion it out for personalised gifting to loved ones. 


Here’s how to do it…

You’ll Need:

500ml Didsbury Gin Original

2tbsp mixed dried fruit (raisins or sultanas will do)

1tsp orange or lemon zest

1 vanilla pod

1 cinnamon stick

½ tsp cloves



Put all the ingredients in a sterile jar or bottle. 

Seal and shake well.

Leave in a cool, dark place for a week so the flavours can infuse. 

Serve cold in a martini or add ice and top up with ginger beer for a simple serve. 



Try this recipe and share the results with us at @Didsbury_Gin on Instagram and @DidsburyGin on Twitter. We can’t wait to see your fabulous creations. Happy Easter!