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Extra Special Gift Ideas!

Christmas is coming up and you may want to go that little bit further to make your gifts feel special. We get it, which is why we’ve thought up a couple of ways you can add a personal touch to Didsbury Gin. 

Of course, you can always leave it up to us for a gift that feels special straight out of the box. If you’re stuck on what exactly to give to who, we’ve got a nifty guide for that too! Simply visit our Gift Guide blog post to explore all the festive options.

Read on for our ideas on how to add some extra love to your gifts. 


Miniature Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? Even those who say they don’t… we all know they’re lying. That’s why making up a big batch of a simple cocktail and dishing it out into miniature bottles is a great option for a wedding favour.

A super simple option for this is the cult classic Negroni, why not give our recipe a go?

 The Perfect Batch Negroni (will fit 20 5cl bottles)


350ml Didsbury Gin Blood Orange & Ginger

350ml Campari

350ml Sweet Vermouth

20 thin strips of orange peel OR dried orange slices to attach alongside



In a large pitcher, combine your Didsbury Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Stir well to ensure all ingredients are mixed in well.

Divide mixture carefully into miniature bottles (5cl bottles work well for wedding favours).

Pop a thin strip of orange peel in each or poke a hole in a dried orange slice, loop some string through and tie it around the neck of your bottle.

Seal up each bottle tightly.


Make a cocktail set!

Elevate your gin gift by adding all the extra parts needed to create some wonderful cocktails. Here are a few of our favourite items to create the perfect cocktail set:

Our miniature gin set offers a taste of the whole range, which makes it ideal for trying out a bunch of different cocktails.

This beautiful gold set of bar tools is a people pleaser, guaranteed to make any home bar look all the more elegant.

You can buy or even make your own dried fruit garnishes to add to this cocktail set! No cocktail is complete without a garnish and dried fruit is a great way to offer up something that keeps really well too.


Make a Gin infusion set!

Let them try their hand at creating their own range of flavoured gins with a gin infusion kit. With the Didsbury Gin Original London Dry as a base and a wealth of new flavours to play around with, this gift is perfect for a die-hard gin lover.


The bright, crisp and zesty flavours in our Original gin make it the ideal base for any flavoured gin creation. Take it from us, it’s what we use as a base for our whole range!

This bottle makes it super easy to infuse the gin and create something new, without the hassle or the mess.

Another great option is this set of 12 botanicals, allowing a bit more flexibility in the infusions created. These also work wonderfully as garnishes, so you can be sure whoever you gift it to will get plenty of use out of it!


Now’s the time to get your Christmas gifts ready, but don’t get caught out by missing our final delivery dates. To receive your gifts in time for Christmas Day, order by December 21st.

Share your creations and gift ideas with us! Find us on Instagram @Didsbury_Gin and @DidsburyGin on Twitter.

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