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Didsbury Gin on Sunday Brunch!

If you follow us on social media or enjoy your cooking shows, you’re probably already well aware that we appeared on Sunday Brunch last weekend. We were already excited to see our gin on TV, but the incredible response was entirely unexpected. 

A flood of customers excited to try Didsbury Gin ended up heading to the website which caused it to crash! While this was the last thing we expected to see on a Sunday morning, we were thrilled to know so many more people were on their way to trying (in our opinion) the best gin out there. 

Pritesh Mody, founder of World of Zing, presented Didsbury Gin Strawberry & Sicilian Lemon alongside a number of other wonderful drinks in his series of ‘two bottle serves’. He paired ours with San Pellegrino Limonata soda and a strawberry garnish for a delicious highball cocktail that makes summer sipping, super simple.  

As we knew they would, the lovely bunch at Sunday Brunch – and their guests – LOVED the tipple. Joe Sugg noted that he’d closed his eyes and felt like he ‘was in a pub garden’ after tasting Didsbury Gin. It’s hard to beat that level of praise.


Why not give it a try? Here’s the recipe:

Strawberry Collins

Fill a tall glass with ice.

Pour over 50ml Didsbury Gin Strawberry & Sicilian Lemon.

Top up with 100ml San Pellegrino Limonata.

Stir gently.

Garnish with strawberries.             


In the same show, Simon Rimmer (co-host of Sunday Brunch) had an unfortunate incident with a grater while trying to grate carrots for a recipe. While awkward to watch, we knew exactly what to do to help get past the grating memory of the event.

Seeing as Simon was one of the first people to stock Didsbury Gin in his restaurant, it made sense for us to step up and help him feel better. So, we put together a series of GRATE cocktails, especially for him, with names such as ‘Grate Balls of Fire’ and ‘Mack the Knife’. We even made a playlist to go along with the musically inspired names which you can listen to.



After poking a bit of fun at Simon, our campaign to get his attention with our cutting-edge cocktails was spotted by the Daily Star You can read what they had to say about the cocktail here. We’re thrilled to have made the team laugh with our tongue-in-cheek posts and hope Simon enjoyed them too.

Fancy checking out the cocktails we came up with? You can find them now at @Didsbury_Gin on Instagram and @DidsburyGin on twitter.

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