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A Brief History on Breakfast Martinis

A go to cocktail for the whole team at Didsbury Gin is the Breakfast Martini. It’s a simple but delicious way of spicing up breakfast and we can’t get enough of it! Our favourite gin to use is the Blood Orange & Ginger Didsbury Gin which makes for a super refreshing addition to an already brilliant cocktail. 

Salvatore Calabrese is the bartender to thank for this jam infused sour. He says the idea came to him in 1996 as he shared a breakfast of marmalade toast with his wife. Hence the name ‘Breakfast Martini’. 

Pairing a spoon of marmalade with a splash of gin, he wanted to keep the English culinary world in mind. He added in Cointreau and lemon juice to capitalise on the sweetness and freshness of other components. Thus, a classic was born. 

Immediately the drink was popular. It became a drink many ordered in the morning, making it a breakfast cocktail through and through. Not only this, but it started a new theme in cocktail making. Colin Asare-Appiah, trade director or culture at Bacardi and a former bartender said ‘It spawned a whole generation of cocktails using preserves’. Such as the Cosmonaut which features a spoon of raspberry jam, another one of our favourites.

Clearly, the reason this cocktail has stood the test of time is because it’s managed to strike the balance between simplicity and deliciousness with an unusual yet accessible star ingredient. To top it off, an interesting backstory and a catchy name! If you’ve not tried it yet, you’re definitely missing out.

Why not give our recipe a try?

You’ll Need:

50ml Blood Orange & Ginger Didsbury Gin

15ml triple sec

15ml lemon juice

1 spoon orange marmalade 


Stir marmalade with Blood Orange & Ginger Didsbury Gin in the base of a shaker until dissolved. 

Add other ingredients and shake again until chilled.

Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with an orange slice and even a triangle of toast if you’re feeling fancy.


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