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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Cocktail Game!

Have you ever found yourself disappointed that you can’t get your cocktail to taste like the pro’s? We’ve all been there, but there are easy changes you can make to get your cocktails to the best they can be.

You shouldn’t have to go out just to enjoy a great cocktail. Have a read of our top tips and tricks to upgrade your cocktail game!


#1: Use the Right Tools.

 There are two absolute musts for beginning to create the best at-home cocktails: the jigger and the shaker. While a free pour of your favourite spirit might be easier, it can throw off the whole taste of the cocktail if you’re not using the correct measurements. On top of this, the shaker helps to properly infuse all the flavours you’re including as well as helping you achieve a perfectly icy pour.

Not all cocktails are shaken though. Like the martini which requires a good stir. For this genre of cocktail, we also recommend investing in a mixing glass, a bar spoon and a good strainer. With all of these tools in tow, you’ll be able to recreate any classic. 


#2: Fresh Fruit Works Wonders

 We’re all guilty of opting for bottled juices in a pinch, but these contain additives that won’t be able to bring that fresh fruit flavour into your cocktails. 

It’s as simple as stocking up on fresh limes, lemons and oranges instead and taking an extra bit of time to hand juice them for freshly squeezed flavour. You’ll notice the difference, trust us.


#3: All the trimmings

 The secret to achieving a cocktail with depth in flavour with a balance of sour, sweet and spirit is all in the trimmings. This means having a good simple syrup on hand as well as the go-to bitters. 

Simple syrup is an easy one to find in stores, but it’s simple to make too – hence the name. All it takes is bringing a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water to boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar and allowing it to cool. This can keep for several months. You can even create a whole range of other flavoured syrups by simply adding herbs or flavourings to the boiling stage. 

As for bitters, Angostura and Peychaud’s are commonly used, so they’re great to have on hand for the household name cocktails as well as for a fun addition to your own creations.


#4: It’s in the Booze You Choose

 The cocktails you make will reflect the quality of the ingredients included, so it’s important you’re choosing the best. This doesn’t always mean choosing the most expensive, but it’s no secret that a store-bought spirit won’t add the same nuance as a well-reviewed spirit that’s good enough to drink on its own. 

For Gin, of course it has to be Didsbury Gin. Our range of flavours can boost any classic cocktail and add a fruitier twist where you fancy it, with a bright, vibrant and zesty quality that will shine through and boost the cocktail as a whole.

In addition to this, it’s good to have both sweet and dry vermouth on hand as well as popular liqueurs such as triple sec or St. Germain.


#5: Practice, Practice, Practice!

 The main reason that bartenders are able to create such effortlessly delicious cocktails is because they’ve made them hundreds of times. While shaking a cocktail may not look difficult, getting used to the feel and timing can take a while to perfect.

So, have a fun night in and use that time to practice all the different methods for your favourite cocktails. You’ll get the hang of it and have a fun time in the process. 


Don’t forget to tag us with your bartender-quality cocktail creations on Instagram @Didsbury_Gin and Twitter @DidsburyGin. Cheers!

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