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Celebrate Gin-uary: Week 1

Here at Didsbury Gin, we’re celebrating Gin-uary and we want you to join us! Whether you’re taking part in Veganuary, Dry January or you’re foregoing the new year resolutions, we’ve got a great selection of fun activities and recipes for everyone. Follow along with our daily gin-fused projects.

January 1st: DIY Didsbury Gin Spritzer

Kick off the New Year with a DIY Gin Spritzer. We’ve all made those fitness resolutions, so try a healthier way to enjoy Didsbury Gin.

To a rocks glass, add 30ml Didsbury Gin Original or Didsbury Gin Raspberry & Elderflower, 15ml raspberry liqueur, juice from several lime wedges and stir. Top with soda water and garnish with a lime wedge. 


January 2nd: Make your own candle holder

Start your 2021 off the sustainable way by creating a DIY candle holder with an empty Didsbury Gin bottle. Make the most of the botanical design and flaunt your new eco-friendly centrepiece all over Instagram! 

Gin bottles make for attractive and unique candle holders, so measure the neck size and find some tall candles to fit snugly in the bottle. Enjoy the mood lighting or use them for a candlelit dinner. Don’t forget to tag us on social media with your creations!


January 3rd: Share the love

Share the love! We’ve not been able to be with our families and friends as much as we should have been this last year, so send your loved ones a bottle of Didsbury Gin to let them know you’re thinking of them – inspiring them to do the same!


January 4th: Come Dine with Me: Cocktail Edition

The drinks edition of Come Dine with Me. Create a range of cocktails from sweet to savoury and impress your housemates! Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favourite recipes here.


January 5th: #MatchTheGin

Have a bit of fun with your wardrobe and create outfits inspired by the flavours of Didsbury Gin! Take a look at the colours of your favourite flavour and find pieces that match. For example, all pink with white touches for the Raspberry & Elderflower! Don’t forget to tag us across social media and use the hashtag ‘#MatchTheGin’.


January 6th: Lemon Meringue Gin Flip Cocktail

Lemon meringue? Vegan? In a cocktail? It doesn’t get better than this. Have a go at making this dreamy egg-free gin flip cocktail!


January 7th: Gin Bath Salts 

Enjoy a relaxing bath using Gin bath salts, recharging after a long day of work. Better yet, enjoy it with a large Didsbury G&T!

We love these ones, available at Holland & Barrett for only £6.


Make sure you share your creations with us on Instagram @Didsbury_Gin using the hashtag #DGatHome.

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